After experiments Orbit released “Domestic Orbit” that is a bigger version of “Mini Orbit” to cover bigger space of heating. Plus it’s better from the economic side since it saves the client money. In addition to its efficiency its well-designed structure doesn’t affect its surrounding like other heating devices. Its use doesn’t stop at domestic heating but it can also be used in offices.




  • Hot-air fireplace.
  • It works by means of electronic ignition.
  • Mercurial thermostat to control temperature.
  • Filter for air purification from impurities. It is pulled and cleaned on a weekly basis.
  • Air turbine 7*7.
  • Pump to withdraw the fuel from the tank.
  • Distinctively economical: 1 liter of fuel per hour.
  • Combustion chamber designed with European specifications.
  • It contains sheets of fiberglass to prevent the heat from reaching the outer body.
  • It maintains a flexible flow of air.
  • The device is equipped with a muffler to reduce the noise.
  • Available in different colors.