Mini Orbit

“Mini Orbit” device is suitable for domestic and offices’ use. It was designed according to the European and world-wide standards from shape and content. This device offers a big amount of rest without the need for a single effort.


  • Hot-air fireplace.
  • It works by means of electronic ignition.
  • Mercurial thermostat to control temperature.
  • Pump to withdraw the fuel from the tank.
  • Distinctively economical: ½ (half) liter of fuel per hour
  • Air turbine 6*5.
  • Combustion chamber designed with European specifications.
  • It maintains a flexible flow of air.
  • Filter for air purification from impurities. It is pulled and cleaned on a weekly basis.
  • It contains sheets of fiberglass to prevent the heat from reaching the outer body.
  • The device is equipped with a muffler to reduce the noise.
  • Available in different colors.